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New for 2016

Aerial Application with Military Precision. Click on the icon for more details.

Liquid Fertilizer Load Out System

We are adding a new liquid fertilizer load out system for 28% Nitrogen, 10-34-0, and Thiosul which will be conveniently located adjacent to our truck scales. This will greatly speed up our load out time for customers using those products. We will be offering 24 hour/7 days a week load out services for those products as well.


Using Liquid Fertilizer and want even more Convenience?

We can position a storage tank holding up to 5,000 gallons of product on your site (providing your site meets the Ohio Department of Agriculture's requirements). We will deliver your liquid fertilizer blend to your location and keep your tank full allowing you to spend less time hauling liquid fertilizer and more time planting your crop. Ask us about this program.


We have started to carry Gypsum in our inventory during the Summer & Fall of 2015.

Following the positive response from growers who applied Gypsum to their fields during the last growing season, we have decided to add a storage building for Gypsum in an effort to make it more readily available, and in a more timely fashion. Gypsum is a great source of Sulfur and Calcium and it improves soil structure.


Also new for 2016 will be the addition of Custom Aerial Application. We will be able to offer aerial application of fungicides, insecticides and urea to your row crop and vegetable acres. Follow the link to TACAG's website for more information. We will offer discounts for this service when bundling our fungicides and insecticides with the aerial applicaiton.


Contact Information

15703 State Highway 67

Upper Sandusky, OH 43361

Scott Stansbery

Zac Clinger

Aden Ohl

Tori Fraizer

(567) 232-1842

(567) 232-2620

(419) 310-6296

(419) 569-3616


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