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  Farmers practicing precision agriculture today can now collect more detailed information about  their farming operations than ever before.  In addition to yield, boundary, soil sampling and variable rate application the newest addition to our team  is the Veris Cart.  



How Veris Cart Works?

Veris travels at regular intervals throughout a field taking between 50 and 100 readings/Acre.  The data collected is then used to create a management zone map.


Benefits of Using Veris Cart:

  • Cost efficient and simple to use

  • More accurate field maps

  • Helps manage weed resistance

  • Directed soil sampling with more accurate soil boundaries

  • Variable Rate seeding, nutrient and herbicide application

  • Delineation of management zones

  • Only needs done once

Contact Information 

15703 State Highway 67

Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351

Scott Stansbery 

Zac Clinger      

Aden Ohl    

Tori Fraizer

(567) 232-1842

(567) 232-2620

(419) 310-6296

(419) 569-3616

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