Stansbery Seed and Service

  • Address: 15703 State Highway 67, Upper Sandusky OH 43351

Achieve the best yields for your farm.

Stansbery Seed and Service provides personalized farming solutions and innovation throughout your growing season.

We are a grower owned seed company, committed to helping your farming operation.

Stansbery Seed is an individual Pioneer Seed dealer that includes all of the farming tools needed to have a successful season in the Upper Sandusky area.

We aim to satisfy all of your farming needs. With our Veris Cart technology and partnerships with leaders like Pioneer, we offer precision agriculture solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Large ag machinery ready to work at Stansbery Seed and Service.
Large ag machinery ready to work at Stansbery Seed and Service.

Our Services

Our commitment to your farming success is reflected in our comprehensive services, from custom fertilizer and pesticide applications to advanced seed treatments. View all of our services.

Stansbery Seed and Service staff reviewing a cornfield.

Field Scouting

You have a huge investment in your growing crop and we can help by scouting every other week with a full report by the end of the day.
Veris Cart collecting field data

Veris Cart

Farmers practicing precision agriculture today can now collect more detailed information about  their farming operations than ever before.
Top view of natural soil

Soil Sampling

Systematic soil testing is the first step toward higher yields and quality. Whether you prefer grid, or random soil sampling, a systematic soil testing program is the…

Precision Planting

We sell and service a full line of Precision Planting products. In an industry that is constantly evolving some practices and principles will always stay…

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