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Comprehensive crop protection through Corteva Program

Farmers who purchase an equivalent of 300 acres of Pioneer corn and/or soybean products will qualify for the Corteva Herbicide and Fungicide program for a significant rebate. 100% respray on Corteva corn programs.

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Corn herbicide application flexibility

Herbicide recommendations will vary by soil texture/pH, always read and follow label directions.

Corn herbicide application flexibility charts

Kyro Herbicide

Novel formulation

with strong post weed control, greater versatility and excellent crop safety

 Kyroherbicide is a novel post-emergence solution that provides powerful control of more than 60 of the toughest broadleaf and grass weeds in cornfields. 

Kyro is a new premix solution with three effective modes of action for both post-emergence and residual control on broadleaf and grass weeds. In addition to strong broad-spectrum weed control, Kyro will offer farmers versatility to fit a wide variety of agronomic programs. Farmers will be able to apply Kyro up to 24-inch tall corn, giving them application timing flexibility and making it a perfect fit for a two-pass program. Plus, farmers will have the flexibility to apply Kyro on several different types of corn. The excellent crop safety in Kyro will help optimize yield potential, while still delivering outstanding tank-mix compatibility and additional handling attributes. 

Rotation Interval (months)Rotation Interval (months)Rotation Interval (months)
CropKyro Use Rate ≤ 35 fl oz/AKyro Use Rate ≤ 45 fl oz/AKyro Use Rate ≤ 60 fl oz/A
Corn (all types)AnytimeAnytimeAnytime
Alfalfa, Barley, Oats, Rice, Rye, Sorghum, Soybean, Sunflower121212
Sugar Beet10.510.518
All other rotational crops181818


3 modes of action – acetochlor (Group 15), topramezone (Group 27), clopyralid (Group 4) – for control of the toughest weeds 

  • Versatility from emergence up to 24-inch tall corn 
  • Industry leading grass-control, offering both post-emergence & residual activity on tough grasses 
  • A fit for a wide variety of different types of corn: Glyphosate Tolerant, Non-GMO, Seed and Popcorn 
  • Encapsulated acetochlor for excellent crop safety 
  • Great handling and tank-mix compatibility with fungicides, insecticides and micro-nutrients 
  • Tank-mix flexibility with glyphosate, atrazine and other corn herbicides for greater weed control 


  • Both post-emergence and residual control on tough broadleaf and grass weeds for cleaner fields 
  • Control of more than 60 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, marestail and giant ragweed 
  • Another tool, outside of glyphosate and ALS herbicides, to fight against tough grasses like barnyardgrass, fall panicum and woolly cupgrass 
  • Fits perfectly into a two-pass herbicide program with other Corteva Agriscience™ corn herbicides such as, FulTime® NXT, Keystone® NXT, Keystone® LA NXT, SureStart® II and Surpass® NXT herbicides 
  • Excellent crop safety leads to healthier corn and higher yield potential 
  • Wide window of application to help navigate challenging weather conditions