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In an industry that is constantly evolving some practices and principles will always stay the same, your seedbed preparation and your seed placement. In an ideal world you would have the perfect seed placement at the perfect growing conditions for optimum yield, and that's where Precision Planting products comes in. This is why at Stansbery Seed, we sell and service a full line of Precision Planting products. From findger pick-up to vset meters we have you covered. For a list of our Precision Planting products and pricing stop by our office, or call Zac Clinger @ 567-232-2620.


Why eSet over JD ProMax40?


In side-by-side trials, eSet delived an average of 2.97 bushels per acre more than ProMax. At $3.50 per bushel, that's $10.39 per acre more. In 1,000 acres of corn, eSet would return three times your investment in the first year alone. Why would choose ProMax? 

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Seed Tube


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